Easter Bonfire

It’s a tradition in Western Coast of Finland to ignite bonfires on the Easter Saturday. I saw this one for the first time in my life in Kajaani where we were spending vacation. The atmosphere was nice, but quite freezing.

Night Birds

I was visiting Anna & Tuomo in Hämeenlinna in the end of July. We went to the shores of near Katumajärvi lake at 3am for a night walk. There was a unbroken silence, except some birds.

Christmas Market

The Tampere Christmas Market today. It has been a long time since my previous photo upload. I’m building at the moment a new blog, which is focused to analog photography. Stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

The Last Mohican

Tako carton factory is the only still used industrial complex left on the banks of Tammerkoski falls. Let’s hope shareholders still let the mill run and keep traditions alive.